Man With Leukemia Lives

My father was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of forty.  He was given six to ten years to live.  On the sixth year he was placed in the hospital. He had dwindled from two hundred fifty pounds down to one hundred forty.  He was six foot four.

When he was placed in the hospital, he was delirious, could not eat and they immediately took him to x-ray. The family was called in, and we were told he was eaten up with cancer and would not live.  We were told the x-rays showed the cancer had spread through his body.  That evening he was anointed with oil and people everywhere family, churches, friends, prayed for him.

The following morning he was setting up in bed.  He was eating and he was smiling when I walked into the room.  The doctors took him back down to x-ray.  The cancer was gone.

I had two more years with my father. God blessed our family.

I believe in miracles.  They happen every day.

Thank you for sharing my story.